FAQ About CBD Arthritis Creams



CBD comes in a number of forms including capsules, oils and creams. CBD arthritis cream is used to reduce inflammation and ease the pain caused by arthritis. There is a lot of excitement and controversy surrounding the potential of CBD as a solution for chronic pain and other ailments. If you have any questions regarding CBD Arthritis Cream then take a look at the frequently asked questions below.



What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid. This means it is a chemical that occurs in cannabis plants and unlike other cannabinoids, such as THC, it is not psychoactive. CBD is usually extracted from hemp plants rather than marijuana plants which contain higher levels of THC. CBD oils and creams can be used for a number of conditions including pain relief.


Is CBD cream legal in the USA?

CBD is not legal in all US states. It is advised that you check the laws in your own area before purchasing or using CBD cream for arthritis or other chronic conditions. The legal status can also depend on the source from with the CBD was derived, it can seem like a grey area for patients or people who want to use CBD cream for their condition but the regulations are becoming clearer and more lenient with research.



How does CBD help with chronic pain?

There are specialized cannabinoid receptors in our brain and immune system that CBD attaches to. The CB2 receptor contributes to the immune system by managing pain and inflammation. When people use CBD, it is thought that it affects how the cannabinoid receptors, such as CB2, respond to the signals that they receive which helps reduce inflammation and pain.


Does CBD Arthritis Cream work?

There have been many studies over the years that have explored and tested the relationship between CBD and managing arthritis, although these were mainly carried out on animals. Studies have found that CBD and its associated products such as oil and creams have the potential to reduce inflammatory pain and joint pain caused by arthritis. This occurs by the CBD affecting the way that the pain receptors respond to stimulation. Research continues, but there are many people benefiting from using CBD products to ease the pain of arthritis.



How effective is CBD for treating arthritis?

CBD Arthritis Cream can be an effective way to manage and ease the pain caused by arthritis. Research also suggests that CBD has the potential to reduce inflammation too. However, some treatments don’t work for everybody and it is often good practice to seek advice from your doctor regarding your medication and pain relief when dealing with a chronic condition. It is often the case of finding the necessary balance for you.


How do you use CBD Arthritis Cream?

As long as you are not allergic to the product, this isn’t necessarily common but it is recommended to consult your doctor before using the cream especially if you are on other medication, then you should be able to apply the cream liberally to any area where you feel pain. The dab of cream can be rubbed into the skin and the CBD effects should begin to work soon after.


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