Hello! My Name is Dr Neil van Heerden

Hello there! My name is Dr Neil van Heerden – I am a retired dermatologist (MBChB, FF DermWits) that practised medicine for 9 years in South Africa, before moving to Toronto to work for a further 22 years here.

I am a father to 4 wonderful children and 7 equally beautiful grandchildren. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, fishing and keeping active with long hikes (you can take the African out of the veld, but you can’t take the veld out of the African!). Saying that though, I love Canada and everything about it – I really feel at home here!

Enough about me though, welcome to Best Cream Reviews! This is a blog that my grandson Kyle and I have put together for a couple of reasons:

  • We want to help people make informed choices about which types of cream they need to use across a wide range of ailments and conditions.
  • A hobby for an old man like me to get stuck into so I feel less old.
  • A bit of extra money on the side for Kyle and I to go travelling around South Africa. In the interest of full disclosure, we don’t get paid directly by any products that we recommend – however, we will get a small cut of the sale if you check out on Amazon.


That’s about it on this side – I am still getting to grips with social media, but when I do please feel free to swing by and say hello!