How to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Wrinkles are mainly linked to aging. As one progresses in age, the rate of replacement of their skin cells reduces and their dermis gets thinner. The skin reduces in elasticity, moisture retention, and oil production. Eventually, it becomes saggy and forms crevices and lines known as wrinkles. Despite the connection to age, younger people who engage in smoking, expose themselves to sun’s rays, abuse certain drugs, drastically lose weight or lack certain minerals in their bodies may also develop wrinkles.

Irrespective of age, wrinkles are undesired. They change one’s appearance and people often work hard to find remedies on how to get rid of wrinkles. From home remedies that involve routine activities to complex and dedicated remedies such as surgery, people would always try to delay the formation of wrinkles, especially on their faces. There are two levels that people would consider when finding solutions on how to get rid of wrinkles. First is preventive measures, where the wrinkles are arrested in their primary stages of formation and secondly when dealing with already formed wrinkles.

Preventing the onset of Wrinkles

Firstly, One of the main considerations at both levels on how to get rid of wrinkles is through the avoidance of direct sun’s rays, which is regarded as the leading cause of wrinkles. Sun’s ultra-violet rays destroy elastin and collagen, which are the fibers forming the skin connective tissue. Its destruction leads to its loss of flexibility, thus causing wrinkles due to its inability to assume its original form after a stretch. In case the sun cannot be avoided, sunscreen may be used to avoid the direct contact between the skin and the connective tissue.

Secondly, one should avoid some forms of drugs, especially cigarette smoking which reduces the blood flow to the skin, thus hastening the aging process and formation of wrinkles. Further, research shows that smoking reduces the ability of the body to make collagen, an essential fiber in the connective tissue of the skin. It also destroys the existing collagen thus reducing the flexibility of the skin causing wrinkles.

Thirdly, researchers have recommended adequate sleep as a method to get rid of wrinkles. Inadequate sleep causes the body to produce a hormone known as cortisol in excess, which is responsible for breaking down of the skin cells. When a human adult gets adequate sleep, they increase the production of human growth hormone in the body (HGH), which retains the skin elasticity and thickness. These properties reduce the speed of formation of wrinkles.

The fourth remedy on how to get rid of wrinkles is through the control of facial expressions. Under consistent use, they form patterns and furrows that eventually develop into wrinkles. The furrows weaken some of the tissue along which they are formed. While the skin can return to its normal appearance when one is younger, normal aging would lead to its inability to flex back thus forming permanent furrows. At the same time, stress is known to form similar patterns due to persistent facial expression during the gloomy mood. In this case, avoidance of stress can be a remedy to the formation of wrinkles.

Food you must eat to Help Prevent Wrinkles

The other remedy on how to get rid of wrinkles is through dietary checks. Balanced diets ensure that the functioning of the body is appropriate. It ensures that the body tissues responsible for skin health are restored and the occurrence of wrinkles minimized or slowed down. Further, it ensures that the skin has enough water and produces enough oil, which eventually improves its general flexibility and health. For instance, intake of salmon improves the skin health by nourishing it with essential proteins while vegetables also contain antioxidants that suppress elements that may cause skin cell damage.

A routine skin care is also an effective method on how to get rid of wrinkles. The use of moisturizers is a basic routine care practice that keeps the skin moist and well oiled. Moisturizers that contain humectants are more effective because they ensure that the skin cells are well watered as they attract water from the inner cells to the skin cells. Another care practice is by ensuring that the face is washed less often in order to keep the natural oils on the surface for longer. Sleeping postures also are responsible for wrinkles, with sleeping on the back lauded as the best posture to avoid wrinkles. Sleeping on either side leads to wrinkles on the cheeks, while sleeping on the stomach causes wrinkles on the face.

While the above methods are used to both prevent and slow down the formation of wrinkles, it is important to highlight on how to get rid of wrinkles that have already formed. First is through the use of medication. Topical retinoids are used due to the composition of vitamin A as an active ingredient. Care should be taken when using them, however, because they increase the skin sensitivity, which demands that they are used with other measures such as sunscreen to void destruction by the sun. One may also use anti-wrinkle creams which have retinol as an ingredient, kinetin, alpha hydroxyl acids, and antioxidants.

Another treatment method is by surgical means, which could be done in the form of, among others, skin lifts, dermabrasion, and microdermabrasion. They involve the removal of the dead skin to certain levels thus reducing wrinkles. Other surgical interventions may include botox, laser surgery, chemical peel and soft tissue fillers. Surgical interventions are known to last longer than five years.

As noted earlier, causes of wrinkles are diverse and attack people at different stages of their lives. They also act either independently or collectively, making it difficult to determine the actual cause of wrinkles. Therefore, a single intervention may not be as effective in getting rid of wrinkles, but an interaction of several or most of the remedies highlighted may prove to be more effective. Further, the interventions have different effects on different people depending on their habits and skin types. This makes it hard to have a universal method on how to get rid of wrinkles. Each individual is, therefore, encouraged to find their specific remedy as per their skin type.

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