How to Keep Your Feet Soft

If you’re looking for a way to keep your feet soft, then you need to learn how to properly care for your feet. Preventative maintenance and care is the best way to achieve soft, smooth feet. Our feet can be the most neglected part of our body. Yet, they are one of the hardest working parts of our body, bearing all of our weight everyday.

However, during the colder months, it can be easy to forget about them. Then every spring and summer, you find yourself looking for the best solutions to make your feet softer. Here are several things you can do to prevent and treat hard, dry skin on your feet to keep them ready and soft, so you can show them off.

Avoid Hot Water

Soaking your feet in hot water can be really soothing after a long day at work, but if you’re trying to get rid of dry skin, it is not a good thing to do. Hot water actually makes your skin dry out much faster. To prevent your feet from drying out, it is much better to use warm water when you soak your feet, shower and bathe.

Wear Proper Footwear

We are good at adapting to minor inconveniences, and often times you may find yourself wearing shoes that are not the most comfortable. Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up wearing high heels to have soft feet, but you do have ensure that your shoes fit properly.

When you wear shoes that don’t fit properly, they can cause excessive rubbing against your feet. This excessive rubbing causes a drying, sandpaper effect to occur. It leaves your feet very rough with jagged edges, like coarse sandpaper on wood. Ill-fitting shoes are also the cause of other unsightly foot conditions, such as corns and other semi-permanent calluses on the feet. To prevent this from happening, you should only buy shoes that actually fit your feet comfortably.

Be Prepared for Shoe Shopping

Spontaneous shoe shopping will cause you to buy shoes that happen to fit on that day, but may not fit when it comes time to pair them with the appropriate sock or stocking. When you go shoe shopping, always bring a pair of thick socks, thin socks and stocking socks with you.

Bringing multiple kinds of socks and stockings will ensure that you only purchase shoes that will fit with the type of sock or stocking you intend to wear. It’s best to just keep a pair of thin, thick and stocking socks in your purse, so you’re always ready to go shopping for any type of shoe.

Have a Daily Maintenance Routine

A solid daily maintenance routine is the best thing you can do, if you want soft feet. You can always add more steps to this process, if you have the time to really pamper yourself, but you only need to do two things everyday to get results. Exfoliating and moisturizing your feet are the most effective treatments to maintain soft feet.

Exfoliate Your Feet using a Pumice Stone

Your feet naturally develop a build up of dry and dead skin from everyday use. Every night when you shower or bathe, you need to pumice your feet. You need a high quality smooth pumice stone with lots of tiny holes.

If you have time, you can soak your feet in warm water with essential oils to soften the rough skin before your shower. Soaking your feet is optional, but if you have been severely neglecting your feet for quite awhile, it will make your skin much softer and easier to manage. If you’re short on time, you can simply take your shower as normal and then pumice at the end.

When you’re ready to pumice, you need to rub the stone over the rough areas of your feet in small, gentle but quick circles or back and forth strokes. In between strokes, allow the water to rinse off the dead skin from the pumice stone and your feet. You should focus most of your attention on the heels of your feet, but don’t forget the sides and bottoms.

To check that your feet are smooth, you can rub your hands over them. You’ll know right away whether or not your feet are completely smooth. Simply continue with stone until you can’t find any more rough patches.

Using Foot Scrubs

Using a pumice stone is the most effective way to exfoliate your feet, but you can also use foot scrubs. Foot scrubs are moisturizers and soaps with mild abrasives in them, such as pumice powder, sugar or salts. They are great for doing a foot massage while exfoliating, but they are typically extremely gentle. If you use foot scrubs regularly, you may find that you still need to pumice at least once a week to remove most of the dead skin and dryness.

Moisturize Your Feet

After you pumice and dry your feet thoroughly, you need to moisturize them as soon as possible using a quality foot cream. Your feet don’t have a lot of oil glands, so they need to be moisturized to stay properly hydrated. You need to replenish the moisture that is stripped from your feet by wearing socks and stockings all day.

You might forget to pumice one night, but make sure you don’t forget to moisturize. Your feet need to be nourished, rejuvenated and cared for regularly to keep them soft. After you moisturize, you should put on a comfy pair of socks to allow the moisture to penetrate your skin overnight.

Applying the Proper Moisturizers

You need to be prepared with a few types of lotions, creams and oils to properly hydrate your feet. You will find that as the seasons change, your skin needs different moisturizers, and your feet are no exception. For most people, light oils and creams are best during warmer weather, and heavier, thicker creams work better in the colder months. If you find a high quality skin cream, you may be able to use it all year round with great results.

Your feet experience daily wear and tear. It is completely natural for them to develop rough and dry skin after a long day. You have to be consistent with your foot care regimen. Don’t neglect your feet during the fall and winter, as your skin is most prone to excessive drying during this time. A few minutes of using a pumice stone in the shower and moisturizing afterwards will keep your feet smooth and soft every single day.

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