Top 10 Effective Tips to Keep Skin Looking Young

With no doubt, the face is among the first things people notice about you and a focal point whenever you interact with others. However, as we age, our skin changes and we may not feel confident with our faces. Having a bright face or a younger skin can also be a sign of vitality, health and significantly affects how others react to us. By modifying your lifestyle, practising good skin care as well as considering medical treatments, you can make your face glow as well as look younger. Here are useful Tips to keep skin looking younger.

1. Wash your Face Regularly and Apply Moisturiser

Acne and excess dirt can make your skin appear less youthful, particularly as you get older. Keeping your skin clean can keep acne and dirt from settling in wrinkles and prevent breakouts.

Always use a mild cleanser with a neutral PH, ensure you use a cleanser that helps maintain a balance at a PH of around 5. In case your skin is oily try an oil-free cleanser. Rub the cleanser into your skin gently, being rough can irritate your skin and make it look older.

Avoid over- cleansing, prolonged exposure to water and soap can strip off oils from your skin, which may cause irritation. Additionally, use moisturiser every day. Apply a moisturiser that boosts elastin and collagen production daily. Ensuring your skin is properly hydrated helps firm your skin as well as prevent wrinkles.

2. Eat a Skin-friendly Diet

Studies show that a nutritionally well-balanced diet protects the skin, delays loss of elasticity as well as ageing. Avoid food with high sugar and fats, which may slow cell turnover. Foods with high beta-carotene and vitamins A and C, such as fruits and vegetable increase the cell turnover for a healthier skin.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

Always hydrate your skin from the inside and out, a hydrated skin is fully and firmer. Drink at least eight glasses of clean water daily for a youthful skin. Besides, non-caffeinated tea and juices are also excellent choices.

4. Limit Sun Exposure

Sun exposure is a prime suspect for quickening collagen loss. Experts say that the best way to keep looking young is protecting it from the sun. Sun rays penetrate into the skin and damage the deep collagen support structures. It is recommended to wear protective clothing, use sunscreen as well as avoid the sun during high-intensity hours. Put a hat, long-sleeved shirt, long trousers during high-intensity hours mostly between 10 am and 4 pm.

5. Get Enough Quality Sleep

Sleep is necessary for healthy skin. Lack of enough quality sleep makes your skin look older and older, particularly with the bag under the eyes. Poor quality sleep may become a vicious cycle since lack of sleep makes you irritable, depressed and anxious.

Ensure you have plenty of physical exercises, which creates a healthy tiredness and reduce stress that helps sleep. Additionally, swimming and yoga are good ways to improve sleep, aerobic exercises the oxygen circulation in the body, which helps the skin stay vibrant and healthy.

6. Stop Smoking

Well, just like sun exposure, smoking speeds up the natural ageing process. Smoking reduces the skins natural elasticity by encouraging the breakdown as well as lessen the production of collagen, a protein that helps skin strength.

Smoking also causes the tiny blood vessels in the skin to tighten, which therefore reduces the amount of nutrients and oxygen that the skin receives, which reduces elasticity and accelerating ageing.

Besides, drinking alcohol dehydrates the body and the skin as well, leaving the skin appearing old and tired. Therefore, if you are drinking alcoholic drinks, you should take more water and other non-alcoholic drink drinks to rehydrate the body.

7. Reach for Retinol

Retinoid creams have been proven to help boost collagen production. The cream must be applied as prescribed. Retinoids play a primary role in slowing the breakdown of collagen after sun exposure.

8. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the removal of the top dead layer of the skin. Exfoliation also fastens the natural process of collagen and skin renewal. Specialists recommend the use of chemical exfoliants, which dissolves the glue-like substance that may bond dead skin to the surface instead of scrubbing it away like scrubs do.

9. Massage

Massaging the skin will help boost the production of collagen, give your skin a more plump look as well as help arouse the lymph glands to promote clear skin. It is advisable to use a collagen boosting oil.

10. Home Remedies

There are also numerous, time-tested and approved home remedies that can also be used to keep the skin glowing. These are remedies that can be picked up from everyday ingredients. They include;

· Honey

The effective antioxidant properties, together with the presence of minerals, vitamins, amino acids as well as the enzymes have enabled honey to be used to nourish and nurture the skin through centuries.

· Coconut Oil

Applying pure coconut oil once daily is sufficient to keep the skin soft, radiant and supple. Apply the oil and massage gently for 30 minutes before you take a bath daily. It is recommended to warm it slightly to enable better absorption by the pores of the skin. Coconut oil contains anti-microbial ingredients and lauric acid that assist the oil to act as a deep makeup removing and cleansing agent.

· Lemon

Freshly squeezes lemon removes toxins from the body and also helps in keeping your skin from dark spots and blemish. Lemmon is rich in vitamin C and potassium, which enables it to prevent damages fight free radicals and keep the skin young.

Additional points

  • Have a warm bath for relaxation.
  • Avoid eating a heavy meal late night.
  • Keep to a routine at bed.
  • Shaving with care
  • Fight stress


Everybody is striving for a glowing, healthy and young skin. A happy skin is an evidence of a healthy mind and body. To achieve this, people try lots of skin cream products. However, not all products work as expected. Most products show results which fade away after a short while. However, the above-stated tips have been time tested and are recommended by most skin care specialist.

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