Top 8 Causes of Flaky skin

You probably have those days where your skin just seems to get all scaly, dull and itchy. These are the very signs of flaky skin. But don’t worry because you are not alone in this, in fact, the majority of individuals are unaware that they are suffering from flaky skin. But as much as it is common, it should not be taken so lightly because if this problem continues, you make yourself vulnerable to many problems that far reach beyond the superficial layers.

That is why it is important to know what causes the skin to dry up. For all you know, you could be exposing yourself to it daily. These causes strip away your skin’s natural oil and moisture, leaving it dry and scaly. However, the skin may develop flakes with growing age due to the hormonal changes. Also, some people have genetic propensity to develop a flaky skin. So here are the top eight causes of flaky skin.

Sun Exposure

It is easy to understand why constant exposure to the sun can cause your skin to dry. But the dryness that you see and feel on the outside starts skin deep. Exposing yourself to the excessive sun also breaks down the collagen and elastic fibers on the deeper layers underneath giving it that wrinkly appearance which goes along with the dryness and scaliness. Overexposure to the sun also dries up the moisture in your skin.

Long Hot Baths

Are you fond of having warm baths? If you are practicing this very often, it is time to cut back on it because of prolonged exposure to water, particularly when it is warm, can wash away the natural oils on your skin. This may be good maybe once or twice a week at most, but it can already be detrimental if you do it on a regular basis for a long span of time. That is why experts would advise you to take showers instead and make sure that your water is lukewarm. If you notice your skin becoming red, this could mean that you are showering more than you are due. And make sure that you moisturize right away afterward.


Some bar soaps can be very harsh on the skin, leaving it to get dried up. Maybe you may notice this as your skin tighten after slathering yourself with too much suds. This does not mean that your skin is getting firmer; in fact, this is the action of the soap as it makes your skin dry. You can avoid this difficulty by adjusting your soap into something that is mild and is infused with the right amounts of moisturizing ingredients.


Winter can be very tricky on your skin, with the temperature changes that you are exposed to both indoors and outside. But let us focus on the heat that your skin receives indoors (e.g. heaters, fireplace) because this significantly reduces the humidity giving you a flaky skin. Aside from that it also dries your mucous membranes also causing dried and chaffed lips. Therefore set your heater at the low setting that is comfortable and also turns on the humidifier to help maintain your body’s moisture.

Cold Weather and Environment

Like I said winter can be harsh on your skin because the decrease in temperature depletes the natural moisture leaving you with dry and flaky skin. To prevent this “winter skin,” you need to protect yourself with the right clothing such as scarves, jackets, or gloves to help keep the moisture in your body. You can also apply lip balm to protect your lips from cracking.


When you are not hydrating yourself adequately by drinking less water or not eating the right foods can lead to flaky skin. Even though our skin has natural moisture, you need to maintain or improve this through external means. For instance, you need to drink at least 8-19 tall glasses of water daily or eat fruits and vegetable that have high water content. However, you should also know that other types of fluids can also lead to flaky skin, such as coffee, soda or other sugary drinks.


Some medications can also cause flaky skin; this includes diuretics (drugs that induce urination/fluid loss), blood pressure medications and anti-acne treatments. But you must know that you should not stop any medication immediately without consulting your physician.

Thyroid Problems

The thyroid is a gland that is responsible for producing the hormones that promote sweat and oil gland functions. When an individual

How to prevent this problem

I have already suggested some flaky skin treatments that will work for some. Keep showers shorter and cooler, use more natural soaps and shampoos, try soaps out until you find a good one for you. And be aware of choosing natural alternatives to any product that you put on your skin. They are often cheaper and safer.

And consider using a range of natural skin care products. The best natural skin care products contain natural oils like avocado oil and Babassu oil from the nut of the Babes’ tree, both excellent and perfectly safe natural moisturizers. These will do wonders for any flaky skin conditions.

As one might expect stores are filled a considerable number of skin care products; however, it is advisable to use natural products to ensure that you do not experience any side effect that will worsen your condition. There are certain natural means to treat flaky skin. They are known to be beneficial for maintaining your skin healthy and glowing as well as minimizing the effects of flaky skin. Homeopathic and herbal remedies are the safest option.

They are also very effective. A biochemical tissue salt called Natrium muriatic is known to provide help in maintaining the water balance of the body. Hence, the skin remains hydrated. It is very widely used and highly recommended. To cleanse the blood and lymph as well as to eliminate waste, Kalium muriatic is the best option. It also a natural anti-inflammatory product. It helps detoxify your skin. Red clover or Trifolium pretense is another anti-inflammatory diuretic than can work wonders for your flaky skin.

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